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 cuts & style


 W.cut & styling / $75+ 

 M.cut & styling / $35+


blow dry & style / $45+

long blow dry w hair extension / $70+

curling iron - flat iron + / $15 


Pin-up / $65+

Surgery capillary hair treatment / $350

Keratin Hair Botox / $250 +


​hair extensions   


 *** Upon consultation



Are you looking for a new look when it comes to your hair? If you'd like to change things up, we can give you a great look. Our stylists will give you the haircut that will suit your hair and face the best.   It's about Personality!

At our cutting edge hair salon, we will take care of all your hair needs. From haircuts to coloring, we can provide you with the best services that will help you show off your personal sense of style. 

 hair color

BALAYAGE / *** upon consultation

Color base / $60+

Color full / $100+

Highlight  / $250+

Gloss / $75+

Color Correction / *** upon consultation




If you are thinking about getting highlights but want to maintain a natural and delicate look, you should consider getting

Balayage highlights, they give your a hair a soft, sun-kissed look, which makes it look more natural.



nail care

Hand care                

Manicure Reg../ $20

Hands  Paraffin / $10

Gel Mani / $35

Gel-X Nails / $65

Polish Change H. / $15


Mani/Pedi. reg. / $40

(mention this ad,)


Foot Care 

Pedicure Reg./ $30

Pedicure  Gel. / $40

Pedicure paraffin / $15

balayge color hair

We offer every service you'll need to improve both how you look and feel. 

If you're the type of person who likes to keep hands, feet and nails looking great, we can help you ! 


Eyebrows wax Shaping / $20

Eyebrows plugging shaping / $25

Lip / $10

Chin / $10

Full Face / $40

Eyebrow henna Tint / $30

Eyebrow lamination / $80


We understand how important it is that you maintain smooth and sexy skin on various parts of your body.

Waxing can provide you with much smoother skin for longer..


Eyelash Extensions full set / $170

Eyelash extensions refill / $80

Eyelash Tint / $50

Eyelashes perm / $80



make-up / $150


the eyelash

 We will  make sure you look and feel your best. 

All prices are subject to change based on location and stylist level.

These are starting prices.

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